The daring jewel

between earrings and a necklace


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This Season

The Collier d’Oreilles COSH is like a delicate tangent on a face, which highlights its contour by passing under the chin.

The materials are discrete but precious: silver, gold plated, natural stones.

Unisex - omega by their fluidity, alpha by their structure - The Collier d’Oreilles COSH is so personal that you will never take it off.

It becomes an integral and intimate part of those who have the audacity and pride to wear it. Provocative, and for those who stand by their desire to be different.

Both a ceremonial and formal piece of jewellery, we imagine it rocking rhythmically to the sound of an incantatory and naked music in an all-encompassing light.

Worn daily by anyone with a striking and powerful posture, it creates a profile which draws attention.


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