The Earlace (Collier d'Oreilles in french) COSH creator, Sophia Hansjacob, is a remarkable thirty-something woman.

After graduating from the Superior Institute of Arts and Design of Paris, she started her career as a stylist and artistic director in fashion, cinema and music. These creative territories, with abundant ideas and alternative personalities, would shape her spirit.

Originally, she is a mathematics enthusiast, and like all artists who have been in love with numbers before allowing their sensibilities to take over, her creations are thought through and imagined with precision.

Those two distant but complementary skills tailor COSH pieces: They have a meaningful geometry, a conceptual architecture, an obvious balance of lines.

These jewellery pieces were born from a very personal story, Sophia Hansjacob’s dislike for necklaces in which she felt her neck was trapped. She then created one, unprecedentedly, which connects ear to ear.

COSH - The Earlace - the jewel between earrings and a necklace designed by Sophia Hansjacob